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Finally, after having immense patience and hard work singer/songwriter Jatin Sharma finally released his  new album 'Matysa Nyaya' on 8th August,2023. Its a 10 songs studio album consisting 7 new songs and 3 previous releases and this is the artist's debut album after the release of 3 singles before and also after 3 years from the last release.

'Matsya Nyaya' ('law of fish') is a powerful and thought provoking new studio album by Jatin Sharma , It is a Hindi rock/experimental/electronic rock album having some powerful constructive/meaningful songs. Some of the very skilled and talented producers and musicians of the country have contributed to the album like 'Takar Nabam', 'Navneet R Singh', 'Mohit Goyal' & 'Vishal J Singh.' The entire album was written, composed  and sung by Jatin Sharma.


In 'Matsya Nyaya'  Jatin particularly paid attention to create every song with a distinct feel, signature and new age sound, also tried to convey the meaning and feel of the songs with influential, constructive lyrics and music. Song like 'Kaash' talks about a place with immense love and no discrimination having blues rock upbeat feel,  on the other hand the album have song like 'Daastan' which is a motivational song talks about the pursuit of one's dream having modern electronic rock feel, another song 'Waswasa' which is a gothic rock song means whisper of devil, describes How and what devil talks about and how he lures someone to be like him, one more mention is 'Nazar Andaaz' which is a hard rock groovy no. based on the ignorance of the world leaders or governments towards the atrocities on the environment. 


The Official release of the album was '8th August, 23' but it was only available on purchase.

Songs are being released one by one on all major platforms starting from 8th Aug, 2023 followed by a new release every Friday .

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